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Want to know how to get the best coverage options for you in your area or traveling area? Get Better Medicare is here to assist you, friends, and loved ones to receive the best care possible.

Who We Are

Get Better Medicare is a private health insurance company in Colorado owned and operated exclusively by Bridget Doherty. Bridget has been a licensed insurance agent since 2006 and specializing in Medicare products in Colorado since 2014. 


Everyone is unique. There are different plans for you and your spouse, if necessary. 


Medicare is the federal health insurance program.


Get Better Medicare wants to ensure that your health coverage is tailored to your individual needs.


Contact us and learn more about what Get Better Medicare can offer you. 

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Compare plans, prices, and star ratings with Bridget. Some premiums as low as $0/month. Some plans may offer additional coverage for prescription drugs, dental and vision. We will review and discover the best plans and coverages for you.


Selecting a Medicare plan in Colorado can be overwhelming. Understand which plans cover which services so you can make the best choice for you.


Part A covers inpatient hospital stay, skilled nursing facilities and hospice care.


Part B covers doctors' services, out-patent care, and preventative services.


Medicare Complete or Advantage. This combines care and coverage.


Part D is prescription drug coverage and this is provided by private insurance.

Plans may offer additional coverage for prescription drugs, dental and vision  (to may offer additional coverage to prescription drugs dental, vision and/or more options).